Our Services

At Lewis McCourt Family Law and Mediation, we offer a full range of family law and alternative dispute resolution services, including litigation, mediation, negotiation, collaborative law, arbitration, parenting coordination and preparing reports about children’s views.
Family Law Litigation
We offer experienced representation in Provincial Court, Supreme Court and the Court of Appeal on all family law issues. Our services include interim applications, without notice applications, trials, variation applications and appeals.

Alternative Dispute Resolution
Through mediation, negotiation and collaborative law, we help clients with all types of family law agreements: pre-nuptial or cohabitation agreements, marriage agreements and separation agreements. We are also able to help clients settle even if court proceedings have started.

Through this process, we can help clients design a personalized dispute-resolution process that meets specific requirements, such as privacy or time-sensitivity. Family law disputes can be resolved with as much or as little formality as both parties agree.

Parenting Coordination
Through parenting coordination, we help parents implement their agreement or order about parenting arrangements. We manage and minimize conflict and help to improve communication and trust between parties. Parenting coordination is a mediation-arbitration model. We first make best efforts to reach a consensual agreement. If that is not possible, we will provide an arbitrated decision. In this way, there is a resolution of each disputed issue without the need for costly court applications.

Reports about children’s views
It helps separated parents to make decisions for their children to have an objective third party report on their children’s views. If parents are not able to make those decisions, it helps a judge to have input from children. These reports are different from the s. 211 reports prepared by psychologists, as they contain no evaluation, analysis or opinion.

We provide a neutral, comfortable setting in which children are assured that they are not being asked to choose between parents, and they are supported to provide their thoughts. Appointments for these reports are made so that they can be written up immediately and available within a week.

Other services
We also advise clients about adoption and uncontested applications for divorce. We provide independent legal advice on family law agreements.


Family Law Advocates | Sun PaintingAs family relationships continue after divorce, healing and acceptance are an important part of completing the process for each client.