How to Reduce Legal Fees on Separation and Divorce

Divorces are costly. They cost time and money, and health and happiness. Very few couples have plenty of money set aside to cover legal fees in the event of a divorce. Yet separation and divorce are facts of life…
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Considerations When You Separate

If you have children, think about how they will be affected by separation. Research shows that children benefit from a supportive, age-appropriate explanation of the changes that they will experience because of the separation…
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Expectations and Goals

You have decided to separate from your spouse, or one of you has actually left the house. Now what? Well, now you have to sort things out. You’ll have to decide on arrangements for the kids, or maybe sell the house and put…
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Alternate Dispute Resolution in Family Law

The Family Law Act provides that friendlier methods are to be preferred to litigation between separating partners. These friendlier methods, called alternate dispute resolution (ADR) include settlement meetings…
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