Carla Lewis


Carla Lewis
Brenda McCourt (Retired)

Lewis McCourt Family Law | Carla LewisCarla Lewis has been practising family law since 1985. She is dedicated to obtaining the best results for clients using the approach that suits their individual circumstances.

Her practice includes:

Litigation: An experienced litigator, Carla has appeared at all levels of court in British Columbia, including the Court of Appeal.

Negotiation: Carla assists clients to negotiate separation agreements, cohabitation agreements and resolution of matters in court.

Mediation: Carla’s mediation training began in 1992. She is a certified as a family law mediator.

Parenting Coordination: Carla is a certified parenting coordinator and was a member of the original parenting coordinator roster in the province.

Family Law Arbitration: Carla was certified as a family law arbitrator in 2014.

Collaborative Law: Carla completed collaborative law training and was a presenter in a Continuing Legal Education television program on financial planning in the collaborative process.

Hear the Child Reports: Carla is a member of the Hear the Child roster, a group of lawyers and mental health professionals who prepare non-evaluative reports about children’s views.

Teaching: Carla has taught or made presentations at venues including the Professional Legal Training Course, the People’s Law School and Battered Women’s Support Services.

Volunteer Activities: Carla has contributed as a volunteer for a number of organizations, including the Employment Assistance Appeal Tribunal, the Canadian Bar Association, the Family Law Advisory Committee the Legal Committee of the West Coast Legal Education and Action Fund and Access Pro Bono.

Following graduation from the University of Manitoba Law School in 1984, Carla was called to the Manitoba Bar in 1985. After working in Winnipeg for 5 years, she relocated to Vancouver and was called to the British Columbia Bar in 1990.

Carla Lewis and Brenda McCourt began working in association in 1992.

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